Are You Born A Leader?

Many people and employers ask this question, are you born a leader or do you learn and build it ?

As many pyschologists claim, you childhood blueprint is hard to change and by this they mean you are born a leader. This is contradictory to many books and stories of people that learned and became leaders.

What is leadership?

Do you define it by the amount of money you have or the position you obtain at work or by the people who admire and look up to you.

I believe that when you are deeply and completely are committed to achieving an objective that others can follow you with, you will become the leader ou desire. If you are not, then being a leader will be hard to teach. It needs to be something that you feel and gain along the way.

A leader is a person with vision, commitment to a cuase which others will admire in this world. Most people wonder aimlessly in life not knowing what they want, how to get it and even when they do want something, never follow through with it due to fear or many other factors. Following through a vision and making it happen is a lot of hard work and sacrifice that not many are willing to do.

If you desire to become a leader and follow your vision, follow people that are. Energy and ambition is contagious, you must interact with those that posses the energy and direction of where you want to be otherwise life will get to you, and your thoughts and negativity will take over.


Many people who do follow their dreams and vision with clarity and passion, and commit to it, do achieve success in one form or the other. If you want ot be rich, powerful, successful, famous etc, and you dont know how to even start with it, keep committing to the goal and the path will come. Make sure you purpose for it is for your own passion and accomplishment and not to step on others in order to accomplish it as doing so will not always lead to the right place. Many who do reach their goals and haven’t really thought about why they want it, end up being depressed and unhappy.

Make sure you understand why you want to be a leader, why you want to achieve a certain goal and what is your purpose behind it. This is what will drive you till the end. No matter how small or large your goal is, believing in it is the key to a successful leader and why many will tend to follow.

Many leaders in life including christ and mohammed has many followers and their vision was clear where they had so many people follow them. Find your dream before you die, whether it be for your organization, your self or your family. Make your life around it and do anything that will make you a step closer to it and before you know it you will be there.

Many young people are opting to take this path in life where they will make the leaders of tomorrow more meaningful and full of courage o distinguish themselves from others. Use these ideas to become a great leader.