Challenges Faced By Removalists In Perth (Western Australia)

Western Australia is the biggest state in Australia but its capital city Perth is not the most populated. Being one of the most isolated cities in the world, it does present a problem. The biggest problem is the lack of interstate customers for local businesses. Businesses offering removal services are one of the most competitive niches in Perth. So there’s no surprise to see removalists in Perth are struggling to keep their business afloat.


We interviewed the owner of and asked him what challenges he faces pretty much on a daily basis. His response was direct and straight to the point… “more and more removalists are popping up everywhere around me, it’s not like we can chase other customers from other states”. His facial expression paints a million words.

We’re using this niche as an example, but the same problem can be seen from other niches. Another challenge for removal companies are rising costs of fuel, which fluctuates considerably pretty much on a weekly if not daily basis.

The owner of Perth Removalists (WA) also commented on the lack of support given to those that has just entered into the competitive industry. Although others in the industry does actually offer enough help for industry newbies. From that alone, one can expect varying answers to the same question.

For those who have been in the industry for more than ten years are already established and most have already built a large clientele base. Once a significant portion of the market is captured, then it becomes harder for those that are just starting out. But this is not to say that competition is not welcomed by the residents, but offering competitive prices is much harder for beginners.

On the brighter side, the exponentially increasing population growth will offer more potential customers to local businesses. But modern technology will also play a big part in influencing how businesses are run. On top of competition, this may present a new challenge for removalists.

A recent survey done on Perth residents, the majority support local businesses but also in favour of competitive pricing and more transparency. When asked about what they mean by transparency, some said that local businesses should also be regulated as a whole to ensure that customers are protected against unlicensed operators. Though this shouldn’t pose a threat as the numbers breaching this condition is minimal when compared to other industries.

This is just one niche that was put under the microscope. A look into another niche may provide a bigger picture of the challenges faced by local business as a whole.