Top managing mistakes companies make

Managing a business can certainly be one of the most difficult jobs. There are so many things that you need to worry about and so many standards to rise up to as a manager and it is no wonder that sometimes things can get out of hand. It can become increasingly difficult to work with your employees or you might not always be on the same wave length.

English: CARPE employees
English: CARPE employees (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This might happen because of a few managing mistakes that every business can make now and then. Las time we talked about how important it is to listen to your employees, to implement the changes they have suggested and to appreciate their work and the effort that they have put in turning your company into a successful business.

Here are a few additional mistakes you should avoid making.

  1. Creating a safe environment

It goes without saying that a safe and comfortable work environment is a lot more productive than a stressful one. It is crucial that your employees are given all the necessary conditions to perform at the highest level possible. You can not expect a mechanic to fix an engine without using the proper tools, as well as you can not expect a mountain climber to climb a mountain without the necessary equipment. When taking a job most people also consider their comfort and safety and as a business manager, you should also make them your top priority.

  1. Lack of feedback

A manager’s job is not only to make sure that the everyday activity of his employees runs smoothly, but to guide and inspire them as well. Having unrealistic expectations from the people working for you is a common mistake, especially for managers who do not offer any kind of feedback to his or her employees. Keep in mind that, if they do not know how to improve their work, it is your duty to advise them and offer valuable input on certain situations.

  1. Being too harsh

One other thing that you should keep in mind is not being too harsh when offering feedback to your employees. You should always aim to have a balanced discussion with them where you also point out their strengths and the positive things they have managed to do. Try not to criticize them too much and try to keep a professional attitude. Do not offend the person you are talking to in any way and do not make them feel inferior to you for doing something wrong or not having the results that you were expecting from them. If you are seen as the bad guy, instead of respecting you, your employees will fear you and their results will certainly drop.

The bottom line is that, when running a business, there are times when you need to put the needs of others before your own. You need to learn how to listen, to pay attention and to work with your employees in an effective way so that your company can thrive as a result of your productive partnership.